8 Best Products for Natural Stress Relief

Stress is an all too common malady these days. We work too hard and try to do too much with our time, so it’s easy to become overwhelmed and neglect taking proper breaks. There are many ways to go about getting natural stress relief, like exercise and meditation. But you might find yourself needing a little extra help winding down at the end of the day. At Christmas Natural, we stock several products that can help you get the natural stress relief you need. Here are our eight favourites.

Dead Sea Aromatherapy Bath Salts

A bath can be a great way to relax and bath salts can enhance the experience. Ancient Secrets uses salt from the Dead Sea in their bath salt blends. The lavender blend is perfect for relaxing at the end of the day, as it is known as a calm-inducing scent, and the bath salts will soothe your tired muscles.
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Yoga Potion Om Sleep Aid Roller

Getting to sleep after a stressful day can be difficult. The Om Sleep Aid from Yoga Potion is great for reducing stress so that you can get enough sleep for the next day ahead. It comes in a roll-on stick for easy use, and you can use it on your hands, feet, or wrists for a calming sensation and a great sleep.
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Aura Cacia Chill Pill Essential Oil

Aura Cacia’s Chill Pill blend is great for relaxing. It is a mix of orange, peppermint, basil, lavender, patchouli, and chamomile that calms your mind and emotions. Fill your space with this calming aroma and breathe in the scent whenever you feel overwhelmed. for natural stress relief.
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Traditional Medicinals Cup of Calm Tea

The name Cup of Calm describes this tea perfectly. It combines passionflower, chamomile, lavender, and peppermint to relieve your stress and anxiety, as well as create a sense of balance. Try this tea throughout the day or whenever you feel stressed for some relief.
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Bach’s Elm Flower Remedy

The Elm variety of Bach’s Flower Remedies is intended to help you put things into perspective and stay confident in your abilities during overwhelming times. Bach’s remedies can be taken with a glass of water or other beverage or placed under your tongue to calm you down and get your day back on track.
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Soapworks Lavender Blue Glycerine Soap

The Lavender Blue Soap from Soapworks is filled with lavender essential oils to produce an aromatherapeutic effect and help you relax and de-stress. Plus, the beautiful blue colour contributes to the soothing effect, as the colour blue is also associated with a calming effect.
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Hyland’s Nerve Tonic

Hyland’s Nerve Tonic is a homeopathic stress reliever that can help reduce tension and unease. Taken as a tablet, the tonic temporarily alleviates the symptoms associated with stress, tension, and unease so that you can get through the day stress and tension free.
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Stash Tea Meyer Lemon Herbal Tea

Lemon has a natural calming effect and is present in many natural stress relief remedies. Meyer lemons are less tart than other varieties of lemon, and this tea from Stash Tea blends Meyer lemons with other ingredients such as lemongrass and orange peel to balance the lemon with other calming flavours for natural stress relief. A cup before bedtime will make winding down and falling asleep a simple task.
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We hope that this list is helpful for anyone looking for natural stress relief, or just in need of a calming break. Taking care of your stress and tension will help you feel more focused and equipped to better tackle overwhelming days.

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In Good Health,
Christmas Natural Team